Minutes of the meeting on the 18th October 2017

Priory Road

Held in the council offices meeting room one

7 PM to 9 PM

Those attending: George Scott, Kevin Mothers, Anthony Casson, Elizabeth Sneath, Christine Lawton, Angela Newton, Jack McLean, John Austin.

Guest: Rob Mercer :Area Station Manager. East Midlands Trains.

  1. PowerPoint presentation on the adoption rules followed by a Health and      Safety presentation by Rob Mercer. He also gave us an overall picture of the responsibilities of himself. Rob has offered vouchers to the tune of £100 for the adoption team.
  2. Minutes of the last meeting read and agreed on.

It was suggested that only those who attend meetings would be recorded. Agreed.

  1. Matters arising out of those minutes:

The adoption team will become separate from the forum and the Chair will be Kevin Mothers. We will have to separate monies from the forum and the adoption team although separate accounts would not be necessary.

  1. Discussion on the existing station buildings and presentation. The electrics in two of the rooms are dead and will need reinstalling before use. There are other costs that will need to be sorted out and that is why we need a CIO to separate this from the Forum. The Station Project will have to be looked at in stages and each stage to be completed before the next.
  2. Presentation on CIO. This will be taken forward to AGM for approval.

It was explained to some that the liability of a Trustee would be not an issue as it could be at no cost or as little as £1. The CIO will be a separate from the Forum and will be nominated as the Spalding Station Project.

  1. Date of next meeting: this will be an AGM on 7th December 2017 at 7pm

Meeting ended 20.53