Minutes of committee meeting – 10th April 2018

Minutes of committee meeting
10th April 2018
Council Offices
Meeting room 1

• Minutes of AGM
• Matter arising out of those minutes.
• Louise McGuinness had resigned from Committee and as Lead on the Littleworth re-opening this has now ceased as the Bus service project between Deeping St Nicholas and Peterborough as no further details have provided. It was discussed that Littleworth should be explored further seeking District and County support as the population that side of the town will increase over the next few years and we should be looking at transport congestion in the future the demands on our roads.
• Cllr Angela Newton and others agreed with the new road being built it will be closer for people to travel to than come into Spalding town station.
• Louise has still some of the Forums equipment i.e. Projector screen, speakers and record items which we need to recover,

• Accounts

• The accounts held are in credit to the tune of £456.50 But promotional items in pipeline will need to come off (£65)

• Brian Barnsley ACoRP (Association of Community Rail Partnerships)
• We had asked Brian to attend our meeting to explain the purpose of ACoRP and if necessary what level could we join in.
• He gave us a comprehensive rundown on the support we could reasonably ask for support including funding when necessary.
ACoRP is all about supporting the work of its members in their communities. Joining brings a range of benefits and enables us to be effective in supporting the community rail movement to deliver greater social value
• He suggested that we could join as a Station Group around £80 plus VAT.
He will also forward the appropriate forums later for our consideration.

• Discussion: The purpose of the forum.

• We discussed the purpose of the forum and commented on some of its successes, but it was time for us to reorganise into manageable groups.

• The Transport Forum Would split into three groups;
First Group: Station Garden Adoption Group chaired by Kevin

• Second Group: The station project which will organise the Forum in leasing out rooms at the station and providing a Community Hub.

• Last Group: The Forums Main Group researching transport issues within the province on rail, road and buses this will also include local issues coming to light such as congestion etc.

• We are now waiting after an inspection of the rooms at the station to hear from EMT about progressing but are wary of the Legal implications and need to be fully explained before any commitment.
We do attend meetings with various companies and Kevin and the Chair attended a Stakeholders meeting at Nottingham and pushed for a Sunday Service amongst other things.

• Station Gardens Adoption Report.

Kevin gave a report saying the weather had not been kind to us, but the flower beds just need a bit of weeding.
There was a suggestion that the name of “Spalding” should be outlined in white painted rocks on one of the flower bed.
The next available date for a meeting at the station was the 5th May around 1pm, but there was no objection to anyone going down there at any free time they had.

• Station Update.

• The Chair had a meeting with John White: Compliance Manager for EMT.
• We inspected the rooms that the electric wiring had been removed from and strip lights had been installed with two electric sockets in one room.
• We did observe that all wires had been removed that were in situ as it was mentioned that the installation did not come up to current specification but was agreed that surface mounted conduit could be added when agreed by EMT.
• We have got no further in identifying when we can occupy the first room to paint etc and we believe there will reluctance on the part of EMT until the Franchise has been agreed next year.
• Traffic Congestion: There has been noticeable traffic congestion along certain roads in and around Spalding. We know this is an awkward subject to tackle and a road traffic survey will be taking place.
• I have also written the ORR requesting information for rules of compliance for railway stations buildings. There does not appear to be any mention in Franchise documents of an inspection of buildings before they are taken over which is a get-out clause for TOC’s to do nothing.

• CIO Discussion

• The Chair is working on this.

• Fund raising

This was raised as to how the Forum was going to be financed this year and a suggestion was made that as the Transport Issues in the area affected each and every Ward we would request Councillors to contribute a sum out of their ward budget.
Angela has donated £200
Jack £100
Antony £50
Angela would circulate this request around Councillors when possible.
Further funds could only be raised against Projects to do with the station.


Jack raised a point of us using Facebook to enhance our reach out to people as the last advert although did not attract any new members it reached over 2000 people.
We need to get more Councillors onboard both at CC and Local level Chair will contact Nigel Pepper and Richard wills to suggest we have more input to discussions.
Date of next meeting TBA

Meeting closed at 20.35

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