Committee Minutes 23rd June 2018

Minutes of Committee meeting

23rd June 2018


Chairman’s House.

  1. Minutes of the previous committee meeting in April.
  2. Matters arising from those minutes.
  • Despite many attempts to contact Louise for her to return the items belonging to Forum we have been unsuccessful in arranging a date for collection. Suggested a new email sent to her asap.
  • £298 in credit and waiting for another £800 promised by local councillors.
  • Have not heard from Brian Barnsley who was going to forward information on what class of membership we could take up.
  • Discussed at previous meeting that the Forum would break in three groups.
  • The Station Adoption Team headed by Kevin
  • The Group to look at the station project as a single issue.
  • The Group to take up other issues such as Road, Buses and Rail.
  1. Inspection of station rooms with John White Compliance Manager for
  2. The rooms were assessed and found to be in an unready state of repair with a few issues such as the removal of window frames, door and replaced by being boarded up. This does not give a favourable impression of the grade 2 listed station. Other issues such as the removal of electrics were going to be taken back to Karen Hope as the main electric cable feeding back to the junction box had also been removed from each room. Chair spoke to Karen Hope after the meeting and sent a copy of the notes of the meeting which she did not fully get. (no Reply or follow-up by her.)
  3. In a letter from the ORR (Office of Rail Regulation) they state there should be an Annual Inspection of the station by Network Rail.


  1. Meeting with Conservation Officer at Station.

The Chair, Kevin, Jan Whitbourn and Mark Simmons met at the station to discuss the state of the building. Unfortunately, Sophie Hammond who has temporary taken over Rob Mercers job as ASM requested that we stop the meeting saying that we had not notified them of the meeting and refused access to the rooms on Health & Safety grounds.

We were also informed that the room we use at the station is for the Adoption Team only not for the Forum. No access will be given to the station for meetings without prior notice and EMT staff available.

You will also need to inform station staff that you are on site when you work there. As the station closes at 2.30pm and does not open on Sundays this could prove difficult.


 5.Bidding process.

So far, we understand that EMT have published their proposals for the Joint line and other stations. It appears from newspaper reports that a Sunday service for our line is not on the cards but maybe an hourly service between Peterborough and Lincoln but no indication of when it starts or finishes. The others are Abellio, First, Stagecoach and Arriva.


  1. Lifts at Station.


The plans submitted by Network Rail for two lifts have been turned down at present by the Council as they do not conform to the aesthetic look of the station. The situation of the lifts gives some concern and Platform 1 lift possibly could be repositioned inside the last room on P! 1. We certainly do not want to have lift on P2 outside into the flower bed. There is a meeting arranged for the 27th June to discuss further at the Council Offices.


  1. Chair’s announcement.


     The Chair announced that he will be stepping down at the next AGM.


  1.      Committee meetings.


    It was remarked that if we need to move forward on items brought up at

Committee we must have a better attendance as important decisions need

taken by Everyone to be there. The only other option discussed was that we

have only the Adoption Team and the Forum in regard to the station

folds, but will still deal with other issues regarding rail etc.


  1. Spalding in Bloom.

Spalding in Bloom will take place on 9th July. Last year we received a Judges

special award and this year we hope that we will be awarded something as

well. The two remaining beds need to be done quick quickly and it was

noticed that the last bed had now accumulated a number of tyres.

We now have 21 hanging baskets at the front of the station which make all the difference donated by Neame Lea Nursery. We have only two weekends to do what is necessary so all our effort is needed.


10. AOB

No further business meeting closed at 11.10am