Minutes of Committee Meeting – 30th August 2018

Priory Road


Minutes of Committee Meeting

30th August 2018

Meeting room 1

Council Offices


Invited Guests:

Simon Stone (Springfield’s) SS

Anthony Grunwell (Spalding Water Taxis)AG

Also, Present Rt Hon John Hayes CBE MP.  JH


Minutes of last meeting were circulated and read.

Matters arising out of those minutes were discussed;

Most of the equipment lent to Louise we got back with an old laptop which has no password known to get into it. We also received a considerable number of old documents, but a few pieces we did not get back and Louise is going to look again to find them.

The Chair and others had a number of meetings with EMT representatives and a report was given on these.

Rail franchises were discussed, and JH suggested we contact each of the bidders again to make a case for a Sunday service plus other improvements.


The Chair requested help from his office in attaining the relevant contacts in these companies and help with drafting a letter outlining our concerns.

John had already had a meeting with other Lincolnshire MP’s and some of these companies and had stressed some of the important issues we had raised.

As Spalding has great potential with areas such as Springfield’s and the Water Taxi as attractions we must find ways to link all of the towns attractions to encourage visitors, but first we must integrate our transport systems.

It was pointed out that although the Water Taxi runs normally until September it can be hired for most of the year if required.

Station Meeting

Mark Simmonds, Jan Whitbourn and Chair had arranged to meet at the station to assess its present condition, but during our meeting we were informed that we had to finish as EMT although not invited did not allow these meeting without them present or notified. We then left the station. We also told the need to inform the station staff when any of the adoption team are on the station. This could pretty impossible if the team or its members want to work after 2,30 or on a Sunday.

It seems that EMT are now setting down conditions that we were not informed of before.


Lifts at Station

The good news is that after a meeting with Network Rail and Council Officials there are proposed plans to put lift access to each platform by 2019. The planning application has been submitted but a revision is needed to address its exterior look to fit in with existing buildings. They will also bring the station up to DDA compliance.

(Update, Planning permission has now been given to revised plans)

It was also mentioned that NR were looking to sell off some of their stations, but details were scarce.

Meeting attendances

The last Committee meeting was attended by four members.

We can not progress with important items or have any input and really need more members to attend as plenty of notice is usually given to arrange attendance.

If this does not improve we have two options. The Adoption Team remains for the gardens etc and the Forum folds which means the town does not have any representatives regarding transport. This would be a crying shame as the legacy of what it has accomplished in the past.

It was noted and acknowledged with comments made back Jack Mclean that many of our committee have additional jobs and do actively engage with others on transport issues.


John Hayes broached the question of the Chair wanting to stand down and suggested that this should be withdrawn until a future date as it is not a position that has anyone come forward to fill. The Chair also reminded the Committee he is also doing Secretary and Treasurer which is like a fulltime job and has other commitments as well. He has advertised on Facebook for the latter with no replies.

It was proposed by JH that the Chair should stay on and seconded by AC. Vote taken and passed.


We have 500 leaflets produced and Chloe provide the design to whom we are very grateful.

It was suggested that the next batch should be larger in print and include all our successes to date. Also, clear goals of what we need to achieve.

There were offers to take leaflets to some of the events such as the Business Club etc. It was mentioned cooperation in promoting ‘seasonal’ events.

Surfleet fete (9th Sept) will have a stand for us. We have obtained two 1st class tickets on LNER for the raffle.

We would like feedback on the above at the next meeting.


Where do we want to go from now??????

AG did make some comments before having to leave.

He stated that if you are on a Committee you should commit to turning up for meetings.

Also suggested that we ‘knock on‘ company doors to get our message though for support.

Jan asked what do and we need to do now, and the answer was to communicate with each other and come up with plan of ideas we can do as a team.

Simon agreed and said that we all needed transport, but it is vital for packaging it together and we could send out ‘Blanket emails” to firms, but first we need to know what we want from them. We should identify three or four target areas and concentrate our efforts on them. One of them is a later and earlier trains services as it is limiting our choice of travel times to shows etc.

We need to identify and evidence of the need for transport services. The Civic Society has objected to a bus service going through the town whereas Boston has no problem and is an example. We need to research buses times and see if they could be linked to other transport times to provide integrated services.


Questions raised about the Forums title


Liz brought up the question of the Forums title and why are we called Spalding & Peterborough Transport Forum.

It was explained that we do have ties to Peterborough in regard to transport on trains.

It has been mentioned in the past that that with Peterborough in the title allowed us to implement some of the changes we had made including timetabling.

We have had close links with the different services and to rename as Greater Spalding Transport Forum would involve a large amount of reorganisation, but this would to be discussed at a separate meeting.


Jan gave a report on the new SpeedWatch which is in the process of been set up.

This is a Community lead activity with volunteers concerned with the speed of vehicle speeding on our roads.

Training has started an it is now up to each Parish Council to provide the equipment.


Adoption Team Report

Kevin said that Christine had contacted him regarding a gentleman had requested that any collection at his funeral should go towards something at the station. Suggestion was that a plant or bush with a little plaque show be agreeable by EMT.

The hanging baskets looked fabulous this last Summer and next year it was mentioned by EMT that we should put in for an individual station award sponsorship by ACORP. Kevin to progress the above.

Meeting finished at 8.30pm