Committee Minutes 23rd June 2018

Minutes of Committee meeting

23rd June 2018


Chairman’s House.

  1. Minutes of the previous committee meeting in April.
  2. Matters arising from those minutes.
  • Despite many attempts to contact Louise for her to return the items belonging to Forum we have been unsuccessful in arranging a date for collection. Suggested a new email sent to her asap.
  • £298 in credit and waiting for another £800 promised by local councillors.
  • Have not heard from Brian Barnsley who was going to forward information on what class of membership we could take up.
  • Discussed at previous meeting that the Forum would break in three groups.
  • The Station Adoption Team headed by Kevin
  • The Group to look at the station project as a single issue.
  • The Group to take up other issues such as Road, Buses and Rail.
  1. Inspection of station rooms with John White Compliance Manager for
  2. The rooms were assessed and found to be in an unready state of repair with a few issues such as the removal of window frames, door and replaced by being boarded up. This does not give a favourable impression of the grade 2 listed station. Other issues such as the removal of electrics were going to be taken back to Karen Hope as the main electric cable feeding back to the junction box had also been removed from each room. Chair spoke to Karen Hope after the meeting and sent a copy of the notes of the meeting which she did not fully get. (no Reply or follow-up by her.)
  3. In a letter from the ORR (Office of Rail Regulation) they state there should be an Annual Inspection of the station by Network Rail.


  1. Meeting with Conservation Officer at Station.

The Chair, Kevin, Jan Whitbourn and Mark Simmons met at the station to discuss the state of the building. Unfortunately, Sophie Hammond who has temporary taken over Rob Mercers job as ASM requested that we stop the meeting saying that we had not notified them of the meeting and refused access to the rooms on Health & Safety grounds.

We were also informed that the room we use at the station is for the Adoption Team only not for the Forum. No access will be given to the station for meetings without prior notice and EMT staff available.

You will also need to inform station staff that you are on site when you work there. As the station closes at 2.30pm and does not open on Sundays this could prove difficult.


 5.Bidding process.

So far, we understand that EMT have published their proposals for the Joint line and other stations. It appears from newspaper reports that a Sunday service for our line is not on the cards but maybe an hourly service between Peterborough and Lincoln but no indication of when it starts or finishes. The others are Abellio, First, Stagecoach and Arriva.


  1. Lifts at Station.


The plans submitted by Network Rail for two lifts have been turned down at present by the Council as they do not conform to the aesthetic look of the station. The situation of the lifts gives some concern and Platform 1 lift possibly could be repositioned inside the last room on P! 1. We certainly do not want to have lift on P2 outside into the flower bed. There is a meeting arranged for the 27th June to discuss further at the Council Offices.


  1. Chair’s announcement.


     The Chair announced that he will be stepping down at the next AGM.


  1.      Committee meetings.


    It was remarked that if we need to move forward on items brought up at

Committee we must have a better attendance as important decisions need

taken by Everyone to be there. The only other option discussed was that we

have only the Adoption Team and the Forum in regard to the station

folds, but will still deal with other issues regarding rail etc.


  1. Spalding in Bloom.

Spalding in Bloom will take place on 9th July. Last year we received a Judges

special award and this year we hope that we will be awarded something as

well. The two remaining beds need to be done quick quickly and it was

noticed that the last bed had now accumulated a number of tyres.

We now have 21 hanging baskets at the front of the station which make all the difference donated by Neame Lea Nursery. We have only two weekends to do what is necessary so all our effort is needed.


10. AOB

No further business meeting closed at 11.10am



Minutes of committee meeting – 10th April 2018

Minutes of committee meeting
10th April 2018
Council Offices
Meeting room 1

• Minutes of AGM
• Matter arising out of those minutes.
• Louise McGuinness had resigned from Committee and as Lead on the Littleworth re-opening this has now ceased as the Bus service project between Deeping St Nicholas and Peterborough as no further details have provided. It was discussed that Littleworth should be explored further seeking District and County support as the population that side of the town will increase over the next few years and we should be looking at transport congestion in the future the demands on our roads.
• Cllr Angela Newton and others agreed with the new road being built it will be closer for people to travel to than come into Spalding town station.
• Louise has still some of the Forums equipment i.e. Projector screen, speakers and record items which we need to recover,

• Accounts

• The accounts held are in credit to the tune of £456.50 But promotional items in pipeline will need to come off (£65)

• Brian Barnsley ACoRP (Association of Community Rail Partnerships)
• We had asked Brian to attend our meeting to explain the purpose of ACoRP and if necessary what level could we join in.
• He gave us a comprehensive rundown on the support we could reasonably ask for support including funding when necessary.
ACoRP is all about supporting the work of its members in their communities. Joining brings a range of benefits and enables us to be effective in supporting the community rail movement to deliver greater social value
• He suggested that we could join as a Station Group around £80 plus VAT.
He will also forward the appropriate forums later for our consideration.

• Discussion: The purpose of the forum.

• We discussed the purpose of the forum and commented on some of its successes, but it was time for us to reorganise into manageable groups.

• The Transport Forum Would split into three groups;
First Group: Station Garden Adoption Group chaired by Kevin

• Second Group: The station project which will organise the Forum in leasing out rooms at the station and providing a Community Hub.

• Last Group: The Forums Main Group researching transport issues within the province on rail, road and buses this will also include local issues coming to light such as congestion etc.

• We are now waiting after an inspection of the rooms at the station to hear from EMT about progressing but are wary of the Legal implications and need to be fully explained before any commitment.
We do attend meetings with various companies and Kevin and the Chair attended a Stakeholders meeting at Nottingham and pushed for a Sunday Service amongst other things.

• Station Gardens Adoption Report.

Kevin gave a report saying the weather had not been kind to us, but the flower beds just need a bit of weeding.
There was a suggestion that the name of “Spalding” should be outlined in white painted rocks on one of the flower bed.
The next available date for a meeting at the station was the 5th May around 1pm, but there was no objection to anyone going down there at any free time they had.

• Station Update.

• The Chair had a meeting with John White: Compliance Manager for EMT.
• We inspected the rooms that the electric wiring had been removed from and strip lights had been installed with two electric sockets in one room.
• We did observe that all wires had been removed that were in situ as it was mentioned that the installation did not come up to current specification but was agreed that surface mounted conduit could be added when agreed by EMT.
• We have got no further in identifying when we can occupy the first room to paint etc and we believe there will reluctance on the part of EMT until the Franchise has been agreed next year.
• Traffic Congestion: There has been noticeable traffic congestion along certain roads in and around Spalding. We know this is an awkward subject to tackle and a road traffic survey will be taking place.
• I have also written the ORR requesting information for rules of compliance for railway stations buildings. There does not appear to be any mention in Franchise documents of an inspection of buildings before they are taken over which is a get-out clause for TOC’s to do nothing.

• CIO Discussion

• The Chair is working on this.

• Fund raising

This was raised as to how the Forum was going to be financed this year and a suggestion was made that as the Transport Issues in the area affected each and every Ward we would request Councillors to contribute a sum out of their ward budget.
Angela has donated £200
Jack £100
Antony £50
Angela would circulate this request around Councillors when possible.
Further funds could only be raised against Projects to do with the station.


Jack raised a point of us using Facebook to enhance our reach out to people as the last advert although did not attract any new members it reached over 2000 people.
We need to get more Councillors onboard both at CC and Local level Chair will contact Nigel Pepper and Richard wills to suggest we have more input to discussions.
Date of next meeting TBA

Meeting closed at 20.35

Road Closures

TEMPORARY ROAD CLOSURE:  Lincolnshire (Various)


Please note it will be necessary to impose a temporary restriction to all vehicular traffic on the road(s) detailed below. Adequate arrangements will be made to enable pedestrians to access premises in the affected area while works progress.


REASON FOR CLOSURE:  Essential maintenance works by Network Rail


LOCATION:   Stowgate Level Crossing

(Cranmore Drove, O/S Map Ref TF 187 104) Deeping St James

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  22.00 Hrs 1/4/2018 to 06.00 Hrs 2/4/2018


LOCATION:  London Road Level Crossing

(The Raceground, Little London, O/S Map Ref TF 236 211) Spalding

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  21.30 Hrs 3/4/2018 to 06.30 Hrs 4/4/2018


LOCATION:  Hawthorn Bank Level Crossing

(Near Little London, O/S Map Ref TF 238 215) Spalding

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  21.30 Hrs 3/4/2018 to 06.30 Hrs 4/4/2018


Hawthorn Bank, A151 Winsover Road, St Thomas Road, London Road & Vice Versa


LOCATION:  Springfield Road Railway Bridge (ECM1/240), Grantham


21.30 Hrs 4/4/2018 to 05.30 Hrs 5/4/2018

21.30 Hrs 5/4/2018 to 05.30 Hrs 6/4/2018

21.30 Hrs 6/4/2018 to 05.30 Hrs 7/4/2018

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE:  Springfield Road, A607, A52, Springfield Road & Vice Versa


LOCATION:  Winsover Road Level Crossing

(A151, O/S Map Ref TF 242 226), Spalding

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  21.30 Hrs 4/4/2018 to 06.30 Hrs 5/4/2018


A151 to Bourne, A15 to Market Deeping, A1175/A16 to Spalding, A151 & Vice Versa


LOCATION:  Langworth Level Crossing (A158, O/S Map Ref TF 053 759)

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  22.00 Hrs 5/4/2018 to 06.00 Hrs 6/4/2018


Westbound traffic:  From A158 Horncastle Road left to Barlings Lane, Moor Lane, Station Road, High Street, Kennel Lane, A158 Wragby Road

One Way Order Westbound only: Manor Farm, BarlingsLane to Reepham

Eastbound traffic:  From A158 Wragby Road, ScothernLane (Sudbrooke) to Sudbrooke Road (Scothern), Main Street, Langworth Road, Scothern Lane, A158 Horncastle Road

One Way Order Eastbound only:  Langworth Road(Stainton Lane to Scothern Bridge, Langworth)


LOCATION:  Mill Green Level Crossing

(Woolram Wygate O/S Map Ref TF 245 237) Spalding

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  21.30 Hrs 5/4/2018 to 06.30 Hrs 6/4/2018


B1356 Pinchbeck Road, Park Road, Pennygate, Woolram Wygate & Vice Versa


LOCATION:  Park Road Level Crossing (B1356, O/S Map Ref TF 246 237) Spalding

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  21.30 Hrs 6/4/2018 to 06.30 Hrs 7/4/2018

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE:  B1356, A151, B1356 & Vice Versa


LOCATION:  Maltings Lane Level Crossing

(Ing Drove, O/S Map Ref TF 204 348) Donington

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  08.30 Hrs to 15.30 Hrs 10/4/2018

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE:  Ing Drove, Malting Lane, A152, Town Drove (Quadring), Quadring Bank, Bulls Bank & Vice Versa


LOCATION:  Quadring Level Crossing (Town Drove, O/S Map Ref TF 214 331)

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  08.30 Hrs to 15.30 Hrs 11/4/2018


A152 Main Road, Quadring Road, Westhorpe Road, Quadring Bank & Vice Versa


LOCATION:  Sleaford East Level Crossing

(B1517, East of Station, O/S Map Ref TF 069 454)

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  22.00 Hrs 14/4/2018 to 07.00 Hrs 15/4/2018


Northbound:  Grantham Road, King Edward Street, Castle Causeway & West Banks/Watergate

Southbound:  Southgate, Watergate/West Banks, Castle Causeway, King Edward Street & Grantham Road


LOCATION:  Saxilby West Bank Level Crossing (O/S Map Ref SK 893 752)


20.50 Hrs 14/4/2018 to 10.25 Hrs 15/4/2018

20.50 Hrs 28/4/2018 to 10.25 Hrs 29/4/2018

22.10 Hrs 29/4/2018 to 07.10 Hrs 30/4/2018

20.50 Hrs 5/5/2018 to 10.25 Hrs 6/5/2018


LOCATION:  Claxby & Usselby Level Crossing

(Park Road, O/S Map Ref TF 104 931) Usselby Moor


07.00 Hrs to 15.00 Hrs 15/4/2018

22.45 Hrs 17/4/2018 to 05.40 Hrs 18/4/2018


Park Road, A46, Pelham Road, Mulberry Road, Park Road & Vice Versa 


LOCATION:  Frinkley Lane Level Crossing (O/S Map Ref SK 939 434) Honington


22.00 Hrs 16/4/2018 to 05.00 Hrs 17/4/2018

22.00 Hrs 19/4/2018 to 07.15 Hrs 20/4/2018

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE:  Frinkley Lane, A607 Lincoln Road, A153, Honington Road/Main Road, Hough Road, Frinkley Lane & Vice Versa


LOCATION:  Claxby Gatehouse Level Crossing

(O/S Map Ref TF 097 959) Claxby Moor Nr Market Rasen

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  22.45 Hrs 16/4/2018 to 05.40 Hrs 17/4/2018


Pelham Road, Mulberry Road (Claxby), Park Road, A46, Pelham Road & Vice Versa


LOCATION:  Doddington Road Level Crossing

(B1190, O/S Map Ref SK 944 681) Lincoln

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  22.30 Hrs 17/4/2018 to 05.00 Hrs 18/4/2018

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE:  Doddington Road, WhisbyRoad, Station Road, Newark Road, Tritton Road, Doddington Road and Vice Versa


LOCATION:  Tattershall Road Level Crossing (O/S Map Ref TF 321 450) Boston

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  22.00 Hrs 21/4/2018 to 08.00 Hrs 22/4/2018

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE:  Tattershall Road, A1137 Norfolk Street, B1183 Horncastle Road, Rawsons Lane, Tattershall Road & Vice Versa


LOCATION:  Brayford Wharf East Level Crossing (O/S Map Ref SK 975 710) Lincoln

(Suspension of One Way Order on Southern end of Brayford Wharf East, between Rope Walk & the Level Crossing, to allow acess/egress for affected residents/businesses)

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  22.00 Hrs 28/4/2018 to 08.00 Hrs 29/4/2018

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE:  Rope Walk, Brayford Way &A57 (Newland/Wigford Way)


LOCATION:  Claypole Level Crossing

(Main Street/Stubton Road, O/S Map Ref SK 857 489)

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  23.45 Hrs 28/4/2018 to 08.00 Hrs 29/4/2018

ALTERNATIVE ROUTE:  Claypole Road, DoddingtonLane (Stubton), Clensey Lane, Main Street/ClaypoleLane (Dry Doddington), Doddington Lane, Main Street & Vice Versa


LOCATION:  Osterfen Level Crossing (O/S Map Ref SK 854 492) Claypole

PERIOD OF CLOSURE:  00.01 Hrs to 08.00 Hrs 29/4/2018


If you have any queries, or require further information, please contact the LCC Customer Service Centre on 01522 782070.

AGM – 7th December 2017

Priory Road


7th December 2017


Council Offices




We gave reflection on the passing one of our Patrons

Tony Worth

  1. Minutes of the AGM 2016 (Read and Agreed)
  2. Matters arising from those minutes.

From last year we have changed people’s lives, one example is that the station gardens and car park have made the it a more pleasant experience for commuters to see.

Also, we had our first Transport Conference in Spalding with a great turnout of attendees and senior officers of many companies including two Lord Lieutenants of Lincolnshire.

Littleworth was discussed, but as Louise Mcguinness had now resigned from the Committee there was a suggestion from Liz Sneath that David Branton of the DSN Parish council should be contacted and maybe Railway Heritage should be approached and also English Heritage.

Lifts are to be installed in Spalding Station, no set date for this yet.

Buses from DSN to Peterborough were also in the hands of Louise, but as of yet we have not had a report on progress.

A busy year for all with Market Rasen Station group made us a visit and we took them to lunch.

Meeting with Railway Heritage, John Hayes MP and others to discuss the setting up of a project to use some of the rooms in the station for Community use.

Initial meeting with one of the Bidders for the new Franchise (Cross Country).

Meeting with Conservations Officers and Railway Heritage.


New items:

Kevin Mothers and Chair went to Nottingham to a EMT stakeholders meeting and both pushed for a Sunday service and better Saturday trains.

Chair went to York for a meeting with Virgin Trains stakeholders and the new Azuma Train coming on line in 2018/19.

We have also applied to join ACORP but were waiting for a reply.

There will Community speed checks as Parish Councils will be provided with speed guns for volunteers to man these at times where speeding becoming a problem.

Congestion in the town is getting to be problem especially around the Spalding road area where tail-backs are going back up to the Wardentree lane at times. Winsover Road is another area. We are assured this has all been discussed at Council.

The unauthorised parking in the Market Place when the sign displays No Entry was also mentioned.


Adoption Team(Kevin)

Kevin would like it recorded our thanks for the splendid work since last September (2016) the team has put in. It has been mentioned quite a few times by the public and staff at the station. Plans for next year it was suggested that the front of the station needs a good clearing up. Planting will continue when available.


The Station Buildings.

There was a suggestion that if we could be allowed to develop the station rooms for an office we could also include a Railway Museum of local interest.

We are still struggling to get any commitment for EMT to do this.

It was made clear that Network Rail own the Track and Buildings, but EMT rent the station from them and also the outside structure responsibility. The grey area is what responsibility EMT have to keep the inside of the building up to standard for a grade 2 listed building.


Accounts: £580 .60 in credit.

Fund raising has got to be a priority this coming year.

As we are not yet a Charity this is proving difficult.


Community Interest Organisation.


To be changed from a Forum to the above for charitable status, this was discussed and put in to abeyance with the Chair to take forward and investigate. It would be probably in our best interests to go down this line.


Election of Officers and Committee.


As there were not enough people could attend to elect on the night we were going to request those who are interested on staying on to indicate. An email will be sent around requesting this.



Jack Mclean suggested that we pay to Facebook to expand our influence by advertising and may attract new members.

If we can get permission one of the early projects, we could do is replace the plywood boards on one of the room.

Councillors at the meeting suggested that they could action some put some pressure on getting some work done by contacting various people.

It was agreed that if some monies were forthcoming the organisation presenting this would be welcomed to take part in the renovation.

County Care had expressed an interest in the station to help clear up.

There was a suggestion that we need to contact various people whom were involved in the original proposals for the work on the interior of the station buildings to find out what the plans were for and how much was recorded


Adoption team chair is still Kevin and volunteers on the night were signed up,


Meeting ended at 20.10.

Minutes of the meeting on the 18th October 2017

Priory Road

Held in the council offices meeting room one

7 PM to 9 PM

Those attending: George Scott, Kevin Mothers, Anthony Casson, Elizabeth Sneath, Christine Lawton, Angela Newton, Jack McLean, John Austin.

Guest: Rob Mercer :Area Station Manager. East Midlands Trains.

  1. PowerPoint presentation on the adoption rules followed by a Health and      Safety presentation by Rob Mercer. He also gave us an overall picture of the responsibilities of himself. Rob has offered vouchers to the tune of £100 for the adoption team.
  2. Minutes of the last meeting read and agreed on.

It was suggested that only those who attend meetings would be recorded. Agreed.

  1. Matters arising out of those minutes:

The adoption team will become separate from the forum and the Chair will be Kevin Mothers. We will have to separate monies from the forum and the adoption team although separate accounts would not be necessary.

  1. Discussion on the existing station buildings and presentation. The electrics in two of the rooms are dead and will need reinstalling before use. There are other costs that will need to be sorted out and that is why we need a CIO to separate this from the Forum. The Station Project will have to be looked at in stages and each stage to be completed before the next.
  2. Presentation on CIO. This will be taken forward to AGM for approval.

It was explained to some that the liability of a Trustee would be not an issue as it could be at no cost or as little as £1. The CIO will be a separate from the Forum and will be nominated as the Spalding Station Project.

  1. Date of next meeting: this will be an AGM on 7th December 2017 at 7pm

Meeting ended 20.53

Minutes of August 17 Committee Meeting

10th August 2017-08-24 7pm

Council Offices

Meeting room 1


  • Apologies: Ivan Hammond. Bill Mercer. Louise McGuinness. Elizabeth Sneath. Lyn Courtman, James Collins.
  • Minutes of the last Meeting; read and agreed on.
  • Matters arising from those minutes.
  • We are aware of the increased building of houses around the area. Pinchbeck Area is only one area having approximately 1000 extra homes being built in the next few years, but concern is how the transport links will address the increase in potential traffic is going to be tackled. This could mean an increase of cars on the road over 1000 vehicles just in one area.
  • Accounts:
  • Balance of £747.91p with a further £108 to be taken off for the water tanks at the station.
  • Upcoming meetings: meeting on September 8 with Andy Savage the Executive Director of Railway Heritage along with John Hayes, East Midlands trains and Network Rail. This is to discuss the buildings and preservation of the station.
  • Meeting on September 1 with Cross Country trains. Cross Country trains is part of the Arriva group and as one of the bidders for the next franchise.
  • September 4 meeting with Rob Mercer and Donna Adams from EMT to discuss the adoption that side of the forum.
  • Items on Call Connect: with the loss of some services pending on buses we understand that Lincolnshire County Council have approached Call Connect to run services around Skegness and this may apply to other places.
  • It is of some concern that the Forum Committee meetings might become just a ‘talking shop’ apart from the Adoption Group, which is performing excellently. We have all volunteered to do ‘something’ but I am not sure we haven’t lost the way and need some plan of what individuals or teams can do. We can only do this if the Committee’s discuss this> Rodney’s volunteered to survey passengers and contact Passenger Focus in regard to rail. We are a campaign group and our remit covers road, rail and other forms of transport and I am sure there are avenues we could explore further. We could look at the disabled angle on transport finding out what disabled people require on all forms of transport and if this is been fulfilled. It is possible to work singly or in small teams to accomplish some research and bring back to the committee on what they find. It is important that we take the views of the general public and ask them to feed back to us. We know there is a problem on some bus routes and it might be useful at a public meeting to use this as an agenda item, but also discuss beforehand at a committee meeting. It was also mentioned about the subsidies the bus companies receive and some receive large amounts and others very small. What we do not know is does a high rate of subsidies for some bus companies reflect the use of bus passes or just general subsidies. Bus companies do not believe they get a fair share towards the costs of operating a service of which the bus passes only contribute a small income for the operators.
  • Littleworth: Littleworth was discussed briefly as Louise McGuinness good not attend with a report and said there was going to be meeting in September about the proposed bus route. With the development of housing along the line we feel it is important that this is got to be highlighted once again, but if the bus service is initiated it will have to run alongside a rail service to give coverage for the houses and residents who live there. It has been muted that people from Crowland Area would probably use the railway halt rather than driving to Peterborough so this must be explored once more.
  • Peterborough group: the Peterborough group could not attend today and therefore there will be no report from them.
  • Next meetings: Committee meeting to be arranged for October and Public Meeting to be considered for November.
  • Meeting closed 8.45pm


I would ask all committee members whether on Adoption Team or otherwise to send in apologies if they cannot attend so they can be recorded in the Minutes.



Addendum to minutes:


Latest news: There is a need to identify who wants to be on a separate committee for the Adoption Team. If a meeting is called to discuss this next month we need to have made some progress. If not the Adoption Group will not be recognised by EMT and may have to fold and rely on independent individuals. This because EMT want the Adoption Group to be separately run from the Forum.